AeroTURN Pro is dynamic and intuitive software for designing airport gate layouts with docking of aircraft and passenger boarding bridges. Together with aircraft and support vehicle turn simulations makes AeroTURN Pro the top choice among airport engineer, designers, and consultants worldwide.



New! Support for multiple boarding bridges

Complex stand arrangements (i.e. using an A380 with bridges docked to upper and lower doors) can now be designed within a single gate instead of requiring multiple gates. A filtered boarding bridge list can be produced to show different manufacturer’s’ bridge models that can work for the docking arrangement.

New! Design for multiple aircraft lead-in lines and stop lines

Design a flexible stand position that can accommodate wide and narrow body aircraft docking on separate lead-in lines. Dynamically determine a suitable stop line location along a selected lead-in line where the aircraft can be docked to multiple passenger boarding bridges.

New! Improved gate setup interface and smartbridge lift columns

Gate Setup in AeroTURN Pro has been redesigned to display context sensitive information allowing you to view just the relevant parameters for a selected object. In SmartBridge, you can now set a bridge’s min/max lift column values with each docking simulation.

New! Gate docking, apron stand, and lead-in line reporting features

Create gate matrix reports that show which aircraft are docked with gates, as well as with which door being docked. Apron reports now provide slope and direction information for a selected gate. Generate lead-In reports lead-in line with start and end coordinates for selected gates.

New! Pushback capability with towbar or towbarless tractors

Generate aircraft pushback and towing with a tractor/towbar or towbarless tractor from a filtered list of suitable tractor and aircraft combinations. This functionality includes the ability to mark the nosewheel path of the aircraft for both towing and pushback operations with multiple drive modes.

New! Passenger boarding bridge and ground support vehicle library

Use an extensive database library of two and three tunnel passenger boarding bridge models from a variety of manufacturers including ThyssenKrupp, CIMC, DEW, Jetway Systems, and TEAM. Over 100 new ground support vehicles have been added including emergency vehicles, aircraft refuelers, and baggage trains.

New! Steerable main gear

With AeroTURN, you can engage or disengage the steerable main gear (for supported aircraft models) while performing a forward turning simulation. Linkage ratios are also supplied within the aircraft database.

Airside design features

AeroTURN Pro makes it convenient for you to do your job. Set jet blast envelopes during turn simulations to test the effect on ground operations or to determine placement of blast fences and staging areas. Position tracking points on or off the aircraft for envelope creation to evaluate restricted aircraft ground movements.

Smartbridge for docking

Choose from the extensive passenger boarding bridge database or create your own custom bridges to test. View real-time bridge slope calculations and measurements with constantly updated design data. Get instant feedback from any changes made to bridges or the apron. Visual warnings alert against slope parameter violations.

Gate docking ability

Perform ‘drag and drop’ rotunda to aircraft/aircraft to rotunda docking operations to allocate apron space for airside expansion projects. Evaluate various gate layouts with instant visual feedback and quickly switch between different aircraft, bridge models, and docking doors with active editing features.

Gate setup

Perform your docking simulations and use the information to create a custom terminal database of multiple aircraft stands. On-the-fly testing lets you evaluate multiple gate and aircraft quickly and easily. Place parked aircraft around the apron and view the surrounding safety lines to ensure clearance between neighboring aircraft.

Airside reporting functionality

Create aircraft turning simulation and docking reports with boarding bridge, aircraft, and apron characteristics. With gate reporting, produce an inventory of all aircraft stands with data on assigned aircraft/bridge models, rotunda locations, and dimension stop lines with parked aircraft positions.

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